PocketMate OTG Smart Card Readers For ID And Chip Cards

ISO 7816 OTG smart card reader with type c port

PocketMate OTG Smart Card Reader For ID And Chip Cards

Model: RT-CSCR3


A tiny, durable contact card reader with USB type C connector for greater convenience and security.

  • Easy to take:

OTG Tiny design to use anytime and anywhere.

  • Easy to use:

It transforms into a smart card reader for full-sized contact smart cards with just a single swivel motion.

  • Easy to install:

Plug and play, no need any app.

PocketMate OTG Smart Card Reader For ID And Chip Cards

Brand: Rocketek

Model: CSCR3

Material: ABS

CSCR3 smart card reader with USB Type C Connector. The size is smaller than a USB stick, so it is easy for user to take. The smart card reader is capable of supporting demanding smart card applications using full-sized contact smart cards. It provides value and reliable functionality to meet your security needs.

Supports ISO 7816 Class A, B, and C (5 V, 3 V, 1.8 V) cards
Supports CAC
Supports government ID, country ID
Support credit card
Supports SIPRNET card
Supports J-LIS card
Supports microprocessor cards with T=0 or T=1 protocol
Supports SIM cards
Supports PPS (Protocol and Parameters Selection)

What it can do?


Banking & Payment


Network Security

Access Control

Public Key Infrastructure

e-Purse & Loyalty

Compatible with various smart card operations, used for digital authentication and security, network ATM transfer, payment, balance enquiry, tax, water, electricity payment, credit card bill payment, cash card payment.


 With the evolution of CSCR3 to USB-Type C, we will provide more generation of your smart card solution.