How to choose the right mobile phone charger

When buying a mobile phone with a charger, and sometimes accidentally damaged or lost the charger, you need to re-purchase, then how to buy mobile phone charger and their phones to match.

Need to buy the charge, you want to see their mobile phone model is what is best to match. Sometimes you can use universal charge, clip-type contacts do not recommend using universal charge, occasionally filling does not matter, a long time easily lead to clip deformation, poor contact. Carefully place the battery if it is to be used. With the increase in battery capacity, try to select the larger current output of the charger, you can charge in a shorter period of time. Although the small flow of the charger to protect the battery, but 1500 mAh battery with 250 mA output charger charge to charge for 7 hours. No time to wait until only rolling his eyes. General output in 500 ~ 1000 between more appropriate. How to buy mobile phone charger, to buy the best charger from the top of the brand inside the election, about the price there, do not use some no-name cottage charger, to save that dozens of dollars to damage a hundred batteries or thousands Block of the cell phone to more harm than good.

How to buy mobile phone charger, it is best to choose the original charger, so that their mobile phone is good, not because of the effect of the moment, to their cell phone damage, the price is big.

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