Rocketek Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad AKC207

Model NO.:AKC207


  • Made of aluminum excellent material; Connects to your Apple wireless keyboard, creates the sleek, additional digital input device that you’ve imagined.
  • Can be used either in Keypad or Calculator mode. Toggle between Keypad mode and Calculator mode by pressing “MAC/calculator”. Automatically Shut off inactivity when you are not using it.
  • Using the advanced Bluetooth 3.0 chip provides a lightning fast connection and make it easy to connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as iMac, Macbook and laptop.
  • Provide a range of 28 functional keys including [delete], [home], [end]functions, anddocument navigation keys to complement your Apple Wireless Keyboard. 12 digital LCD calculator (no ghosting)
  • Compatible with Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard and the broad system such as Mac OS and Windows and iOS

Brand: Rocketek
Welcome to use your Magic Keypad & Calculator

Usable in Calculator Mode or Keypad Mode, the Keypad features a great aluminum material that pairs perfectly with Apple products.

Use the Keypad wireless with your computer to add a number-pad to your existing keyboard you can even use the calculator function then send the equation to any text field on your computer! Typing numbers and equations has never been easier, thanks to the Bluetooth Wireless Magic Keypad.

The big characters on the middle position of the keys apply to Keypad mode. The characters onthe lower right corner apply to Calculator mode.

Calculator Mode

Support to perform the four basic calculation functions with 12 digits. The device will automatically switch to Keypad mode after 30 minutes’ inactivity. All the inputs will be clear.

Keypad Mode

Press on-off switch button (on the left of the top) to make it connects to the iMac. Then you can press [SEND] key to send the calculate result to PC.

In Keypad mode, the numbers and symbols will not appear on the LCD display.

Power Supply by 2 AAA Batteries

Please be sure to first install 2*AAA batteries while using this magic keypad & Calculator.


Support Windows 7/ 8/10 above, Mac OS 10.0 above, IOS 9.2 and above.

Automatic Sleeping Mode, Energy Saving

Simply press any key to wake it up.

In the keypad mode or Calculator mode, the wireless connection is automatically shut off after 30 minutes inactivity, press [MAC/calculator] to re-establish a wireless connection with your PC.


1x Alcey Wireless Bluetooth Magic Keypad & Calculator
•2x AAA Batteries
•1x Alcey Magic Keypad Guiding Brochure