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However, you can still take action in all of these situations to satisfy the spirit and the intent of Step 9 and progress in your step work. Municipal distance requirements are another type of regulation that courts have been inconsistent about enforcing in South Carolina. The key to making amends with our children, no matter their age, is consistency in our words and actions. Allow your children the dignity to express their own emotions. While you may be confident in your recovery, your family members may not fully trust that it is permanent or sincere, that takes time and stable action. As a parent in recovery, you must show your love, commitment and patience and hope, in time, it will be returned. Thankfully we are given some insight in to how to make amends through steps 8 and 9.

  • To fix broken relationships, you have to put a lot of effort into making things work.
  • The unfortunate truth is that we’re all human and we all fall short sometimes.
  • Soon, you’ll run out of reasons to give your loved ones why you’ve failed them once again.
  • Figure out ways to improve upon them, and tell your loved ones what you’re working on to help you improve.
  • For example, let’s say a mother didn’t make an effort to escort her children to the school bus stop.

Each living amends’s experience of addiction and recovery is unique. Just like each person needs an individualized approach to alcohol addiction treatment, your approach to making amends in AA may look completely different from someone else’s. Some people will be easier than others to approach due to the relationship you have with them, how close you live to them, or other factors. In some situations, attempting to make amends may cause more harm than good. And in some cases, you may not be able to make direct amends at all.

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Sometimes direct amends are not possible, and this is where living amends come into play. Working Step 9 is challenging and you’ll likely need support and assistance as you work through it. At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we provide personalized recovery support with comfortable sober living Austin, Houston, and Colorado Springs. We also provide regular drug and alcohol testing, professional peer recovery support programming, a three phase recovery program, volunteer placement services, and employment and educational support. As you work through the 12-Step Program, you’ll likely hear peers or sponsors refer to “living amends,” which is different than making direct or indirect amends. Instead, the term living amends means changing your behavior and the way that you live daily. The disease of addiction often results in damaged and strained relationships due to careless and harmful behavior.

  • They can make a living amend to change their lifestyle, get sober, and stop stealing from their parent.
  • Calls to numbers on a specific treatment center listing will be routed to that treatment center.
  • On the other hand, if you choose to make amends with family and friends, you’ll take care of those lingering issues once and for all.
  • Coined “CLEAN Kickstarts” our recovery housing initiative is intended to bridge the critical gap between rehab & reintegration.

I have made many amends for my past while living as an alcoholic. Amends allow me to also right the wrongs I may continue to make. It is freedom from behaviors that do not live up to the new life in sobriety I am choosing to live. It is not a time to make excuses for our behavior instead, it’s an open door for the wronged person to express themselves.

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The unfortunate truth is that we’re all human and we all fall short somehttps://ecosoberhouse.com/s. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed at your new, honest and sober lifestyle. You can still be true to that by making an honest apology and not making excuses for why you didn’t follow through.


For every time you said you’d be there or that you’d help someone do something and didn’t show up, you’ve left an impression upon that person that they can’t rely on you to keep your word. You can start making amends by showing up, even if it’s years later, to do the things you said you’d do. Apologies can only go so far in repairing past pain, but it’s a place where you need to begin to heal. Make a list of everyone you’ve made promises to that you didn’t fulfill, the people you’ve lied to, stolen from, or hurt in any way because of who you used to be, and apologize sincerely. Sometimes, it’s necessary to make amends to employers or co-workers. Whatever the situation, there are a few ways to get started in the process of repairing wrongs with the people you most care about. All types of amends are good, but living amends are some of the best kinds you can make!

Considering Opening a Recovery Residence in South Carolina? We Can Make the Process Painless.

We ask for weekly reports on the progress of each person receiving a scholarship. Living Amends is a non-profit dedicated to supporting men and women who are working towards long-term sobriety. We provide financial scholarships directly to sober living organizations for select candidates.

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